Friday, 8 May 2009



Got here safe and sound, plane was on time and it only took around 40 minutes! I am staying with my Auntie D (Mum's Sister) in Armagh and have been catching up with family!

My Uncle and Auntie (Mum's bro and his wife) are over in Ireland from Australia so this was the main reason for our visit, to see them before they head back down under! I have also seen my Mum's Auntie and Cousin and hope to catch up with other friends and relatives while we are here! We had a lovely lunch today and even had a birthday cake for me and my Auntie D as our birthdays are only 6 days apart!

Its a whirlwind trip and time is going so fast, but its good to know that it won't be long before we come back because there are no restrictions now! Everyone has been commenting on how well I look which is great!

I thought I was going to have to be doing university work while I was here but I got some great news that the submitting date for the assignment has been extended, so work is on hold so I can enjoy my time here to the full!

I will leave you some pictures of my time so far....

My Case (pink of course) ready to go on it's first trip POST transplant - the last time I used it was in hospital after my transplant

Mum @ Liverpool Airport (she won't be impressed that I have posted this)

Me and Dad doing our classic arms reach photo's - I was jealous because my face looks fatter than his so we had a second attempt (see below)
What do you think? haha!

Leaving Liverpool - Can you tell which airline we flew with?

Arriving in Ireland

Mum and her Brother (My Uncle John)

We went out for lunch- this is my dessert, YUM!

Uncle John - Checking out his Facebook

Me and Dad