Saturday, 2 May 2009

Dissertation, Drinks and Dancing!

So the dissertation is done... Finally! All 10,007 words of it bound and submitted, what a relief! There were a few moments when I never thought I would actually finish it on time, due to my health and campaigning, but thankfully it all came together and I can forget about it now.... well until the results anyway! I'm not overly bothered what mark I get, just as long as I pass!

If you are interested here is the abstract from it...

This dissertation investigated what key strategies are in place within a reception setting to promote parental partnerships. Information was gathered from both parents and practitioners within the setting. The information from the parents was collected using questionnaires and the practitioner’s views were gained using a semi-structured interview therefore undertaking a mixed paradigmatic approach. Literature was reviewed surrounding the key area of focus of parental partnership which was found to be necessary for the well being, education and holistic care of the child.

The Early Years Foundation Stage DfES (2007) is essential in the reception setting and is a useful tool for practitioners to follow to ensure effective partnerships with parents. The results of this research show that there are various strategies in place within the setting to encourage parents’ participation in their child’s education and both parents and practitioners feel that successful partnership is being achieved within the provision.

Moving away from the boring stuff...We went out last night to celebrate! 8 of us went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant called MoJo's, the meal was great as you can see from the pictures... and the cocktails weren't bad either!

Dinner @ MoJo's

Raspmopolotins - Yum

We then went onto a club called The Lounge where we hired the downstairs venue and met up with people from our course and other mutual friends that were invited!

The Lounge

We then walked into Warrington town centre for more drinks and dancing!

Towards the end of a night... having a sit down becuase of sore feet (too much dancing) this is strange as pre-transplant I would always feel tired before my feet hurt, but it is the other way round now!

It was a great night.... I am feeling slightly delicate today though maybe one to many cocktails (or 5 too many)! I don't intend to make it a habit, I am just catching up for lost time....

Taxi Home - 2.15am


Molly said...

Congratulations on finishing and submitting your dissertation. That's such a great acheivement considering everything else you've had going on in your life recently - well done! :D I can imagine how relieved you must feel. What's next for you now?

Glad you enjoyed a celebration afterwards :)

Moll x x

Holly said...

What's next... Hmmmmm good question!

Keep on campaigning, Job hunting, and on the personal side of things go on a family holiday!

Of course you lot here will all be first to know what is happening!

Take care Moll, and good luck in the rest of your exams! x

jen said...


So unbelievably proud of you Holz for all you've achieved in the last 6 months, as well as enjoying your new kidney to the very fullest you can!

Hope you'll be relaxing for a bit longer, get thee on holiday lady, you've earned it!

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