Sunday, 1 November 2009

Just got back from the gym and I am really pleased with what I was able to do...

I did:

10 minutes rowing
3 minutes on the bike
25 sit ups on a big inflatable ball
20 reps on a weight thing for my legs
1 minute on a machine similar to a cross trainer (but hurts 10 times more) I will NOT be going on this one again at least not until I am much fitter and can handle it!
20 minutes on the treadmill on a little bit of an incline (with around 2 minutes jogging)
15 minutes on the bike
Once round the 200 metre track!

In other News, NHSBT are launching a new campaign tomorrow, can't really tell you much more about it today but I can say that it will be in the news/media tomorrow! Check out to get an idea of what its going to be about... I will update in the next couple of days on how its all going, I will be doing a couple of radio interviews for BBC Radio 1Xtra and filming for a channel on Sky called Channel M (from Manchester)!

Bye for now....


Anonymous said...

At what weight/incline/km?

Keep up the good work!


Holly said...

On the tread mill it was 4.5 incline, with a walking speed of 4.7 and jogging speed of 6 (don't know if this means anything to you). Not sure how far I walked, I didn't check.

I cycled 5 Km altogether.

I did about 10 foot reps on 12lb and 10 on 22lb.

The rowing was on setting 5.

Not sure I know what all these settings mean yet, I hope this makes sense to you!

Holly x

Anonymous said...

Whats more important is that it makes sense to you and you can monitor your progress!


Holly said...

Yup it does! Hmmm I'm intrigued to know who this is....?