Thursday, 17 September 2009


Ok so going to try and make this a quick one but I seem to have done a lot recently and got lots to tell you all!

Firstly the blog below says it all but I am just so please that I did well in my results, getting a 2:1 is amazing... I didn't think I would quite be able to do it, what with the transplant, Battlefront and dissertation all happening at once in the third year it was often quite a struggle! I have ordered my graduation gown and Mortarboard and also booked some (very expensive) photographs! My brother and Mum and Dad will be there to see me graduate which will be fantastic, this is happening on 5th November :)

Other stuff that's been going on, I have had lots of lovely days out with Abigail, at local gardens, farms and play barns, she really does make me laugh and she is learning new things every day it really is amazing! Now that she can walk... it takes a lot of energy to run after her when we go out, I really couldn't have done this before... and I am appreciating EVERY second!

In other exciting news.. I got invited to Number 10 Downing Street this week to meet Gordon Brown, sadly it was just too short notice and I was unable to attend! Afterward I found out that my Battlefront mentor Oli Barrett was there, Matt Locke the Channel 4 Education Boss which commissioned Battlefront and made it award winning and finally the fabulous Diversity were there, I was gutted to say the least! It really wasn't feasible though and I was reassured that there will be other opportunities to meet the Prime Minister, which I am very much looking forward to!

My final bit of exciting news is that my swim at a local swimming pool has been given the go ahead, I don't know if I have told you about this (my memory is shocking) I originally fancied doing the Great North Swim (a mile in open water) but I was a bit worried about swimming in a lake and what bugs (as in unhealthy bugs not animal bugs, although I would be worried about them to) would be in the water. So I thought why not do it in a swimming pool instead... and get people to sponsor me! I am unsure as to when this will happen... as there is some other exciting news, which is top secret at the min, which may involve me and Live Life Then Give Life... so will keep you in the loop about that when I can!

Looking forward to lunch tomorrow with a friend and then we're catching up with other friends tomorrow night too!

Then next weekend I am off to Huddersfield for a housewarming party and staying the night there with my friends which should be a laugh...

I really can't believe I am actually talking about all these things in one blog... how far I have come in a year... I used to feel nauseous everyday, had to stick to a strict diet and couldn't socialise with friends... not to mention being tied to a dialysis machine for over 3 hours 3 x a week!

I am going to GRADUATE, I can RUN AROUND after my neice, I have been invited to meet the PRIME MINISTER, I am doing a SPONSORED SWIM and I am catching up on lost opportunities by spending TIME WITH FRIENDS!

I am currently wearing a T-Shirt saying "Living the Life" and that is exactly what I am doing!


Molly said...

So much fantastic news in one blog post Holly :D

Your results are amazing and I hope you're really proud of yourself. Enjoy your graduation, I'm looking forward to seeing some photos :)

Glad to hear that you're having so much fun with Abigail, she sounds so cute.

I'm sorry you couldn't make it to Number 10 this week, but hopefully you'll be able to meet the PM in the near future.

Your sponsored swim sounds exciting, what distance are you going to attempt to swim? When you've set up a Just Giving page let me know and I'll sponsor you :) And I'm very intrigued about the other news!

Enjoy all the exciting things you've got planned over the next couple of weeks Holly :D

Take care and have fun,
Moll x x

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