Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Two blogs in one day, aren't you lucky....

Yesterday I had a rough day, I was sick in the morning, I think this was due to the over exertion the day before with all my walking. It was well worth it though as it got people signed up to the organ donation, raised awareness of Kidney Disease and raised money for Kidney Research!

So today and yesterday I have had a cough and have been feeling a bit chesty, I am going to see my consultant tomorrow anyway, he usually checks my chest and heart so he'll be able to tell me if I am A-OK! I am also going to ask him about my Fistula (in my arm) as since my operation I feel its getting bigger (where the needles go in) maybe its just me as I am really aware and self conscious of it! Would like to put my mind at ease though and ask him to have a look, as the surgeon that did the procedure on my arm said that I should have a scan and check up in a month but I have heard nothing since and its been a month already!

I am also going to ask the consultant about my aranesp (this is an injection into the machine to help maintain the correct level of HB in the blood) as I am going on holiday to N.Ireland on Saturday and need to take some Aranesp with me as I receive it once a week, this needs to be refridgerated at all times! I am also unsure as to whether I should take it in my hand luggage as I don't fancy getting stopped by security on the way in, carrying a syringe that looks a bit dodgy! I'll see if he will give me a letter to go along with it!

Really excited about going away on Saturday as it will be the first proper holiday since I was diagnosed and more importantly the first time my Mum and Dad have been away! We are staying with my Auntie (Mum's sister) and we are attending a family wedding next Thursday so that will be good to catch up with everyone! I will also have 3 dialysis sessions while I am away at Daisy Hill Hospital in Newry (sounds nice doesn't it), I am a little nervous about this as I have never dialysed away from the unit before and am a bit weary of new nurses needling me, but I'm sure it will be fine.

So today's news... I went shopping for a new digital camera to take with me to Ireland, I ended up getting this pink one, it's charging up at the minute I can't wait to try it tomorrow. Also It is my Gran's 84th Birthday today and so she and my brother and his wife came round for tea (a Chinese, with no salt for me, my contribution to the renal diet.) We got her a cake and sang Happy Birthday and she seemed to like all her presents!

Earlier today Emily from Live Life Then Give Life asked me earlier today if I could get hold of a video camera and film a video diary of life on the transplant list to present to the treasury. She said I would have to make it really emotional and sad, not too sure I would be any good at it because I think I'm quite a positive person, put waiting on the list to the back of my head and try to lead a normal life as possible! So not sure how convincing I would be to the treasury, haha! Emily also sent out some press releases to some local newspapers about transplant week and how I am waiting so maybe they will be in touch this week, to get the topic of organ donation out there, and get people talking about it.


Kolekona said...

Hello Holly...

I wish you well today and into the future!

I located your blog via a Google Alert from the other side of the pond as some folks like to say.

I'm a registered donor in America and a member of LifeSharers.com

My big project is getting Donate-For-Life started with the help of an American Fortune 100 insurance corporation. Learn more at http://www.donate-for-life.com

Holly said...

Hey hey!

Have a great holiday - and don't worry about dialysising away from home, I have done it lots of times and it's always been fine. It's always interesting to see other units too! I always take my own dialyzers from my own hospital though as some have given me funny reactions so it might be worth doing that.
Have fun!