Saturday, 12 July 2008

Just a quick blog to let you know that all went well at the appointment with my consultant. My calcium is a bit high, due to me taking calcichews and alphacalcidol so he has stopped both of these, the calcichew permanently and the alphacalcidol temporarily. So my phosphate binders have been changed (yet again) this time to Alucaps, I have taken these before a few years ago so I should be ok with them.

I asked him about my arm but he seems to think it looks ok (I still think its getting bigger) I told him that the ultrasound people hadn't been in touch about another scan so he gave me the number direct to ring them when I got back from Ireland. By coincidence, they rang later that day to book me in, so I'm having it on the 21st July, fingers crossed all is well and I won't have to have another angioplasty.

So thats about it really, I spoke to him about my aranesp and he suggested I could inject it myself on the saturday to save me taking it with me, I think the look on my face told him what my reply was! Theres no way I could do that, and my Mum n Dad couldn't either, so I'll take it with me and have it through the machine on Monday.

So I'm running around like a headless chicken, getting everything ready for goin, cramming everything in my case (although it still won't close) getting my meds sorted, and I also have to take my dialysers with me too, which is the artificial kidney that clips on the machine and filters the blood. So thats something else to remember!

Anyway best go and carry on, so much to do, so little time (you can tell I'm not used to going on Holiday.)

Going to try and get to an internet cafe during the week, will update if I can, if not, See you in a week! x


Jac said...

Ooooh, just realised you had linked to my blog - that made me smiley :-) Hope you have a fab holiday and its not too much hassle getting the dialysis at a different hospital. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday -have fun!
take care :D
Elaien & Rach xx

loulou said...

Have a great time hun and chillax! Thanks for your sweet comment about my article. I too hope it got a few peeps thinking and hopefully sign up! Catch up with ya soon!!

Lu :-)