Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fundraising for LLTGL

Ok so I've wanted to do a big event to raise some funds for Live Life Then Give Life for a while now!

I Spoke to a fellow kidney transplant patient yesterday and he said he had taken part in some abseiling for charity! This got me thinking and I am really up for it (Both taking part and organising it)!

So I have been in touch with a company that provide all the equipment and put on the event, they travel up and down the country, the abseil would take place in the North West (Venue To be confirmed - I am looking into some as I write this).

It would involve people paying to abseil (around £20 is the estimate) and then agreeing to raise a certain amount for the charity. This is because it costs an amount of money to put on the event and we want to raise as much as poss for LLTGL. Anyway... I hope this is making some sort of sense!

Basically I am just putting feelers out to see who would be interested. Like I said it would be in the North West... probably Liverpool or Manchester I would hazard a guess!

Get in touch and let me know!


Holly Cocker said...

Def put me down provisionally ;) xx

Holly said...

Provisionally! haha! That is fully binding... your in! x

Sarah Milne said...

Hope and Ellie will do it if age allows (13 and 10) and I will stay on the ground with Wills and be the event photographer :) x x

Molly said...

In theory I'd love to take part, but I'll have to speak to my parents as we live near Cambridge. Any idea of possible dates yet?

Moll x x

Holly said...

Nope its just a work in progress at the mo, so much to organise! Venue, sponsorship, whose taking part, payment etc etc! I only thought of the idea yesterday... I'm thinking probably not till September/october!

Molly said...

Ok, good luck with organising it all. I'm interested, so put me down as a maybe. It'll just depend on whether I can get there or not (and of course how my health is).

Moll x x

Kiz said...

If you wanted to leave it until later, Maybe you could do it on the launch of Donor day, and have the first group of abseilers unroll a LLTLG Donor day banner as they went down....Really start things with a bang (Not litrally I hope !!) And if you were closer, id take part and you know it hun XxX

Holly said...

Oooo good thinking Pete, But would like to do it before then... but will bear it in mind for Donor Day, and I know who to come to for ideas! Take care x

loulou said...

Hey sugar would have loved to support this but my body a bit too fragile right now. Do lemme know if I can help in any other way...will do a shout out to friends who might b up for it! Hope all is good and that the sun is shining? Yup...deffo get the mascara...its wonderful stuff!!!

xxx mwah xxx